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Welcome to All Wallz, here we have a collection of wallpapers that have been given or collected over 20 years or more and also images that I have personally taken.
Where possible, I will endeavour to put a description of each image. Please see the "About Us" page for more details.

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Welcome to All Wallz

All Wallz is a collection of wallpapers that I have been given or collected over 20 years or more. These Wallpapers, in the album "Wallpapers Collected" and sub-albums thereunder, had no informations attached, therefore, all I can assume is that they are fine to redistribute (or, give back to all that what I have collected). One item to remember is that, although we have no idea of the origin of each image, the copyright still belongs to their respective creators.

We do not claim any ownership whatsoever in the images contained in these albums listed under the "Wallpapers Collected" parent album. If you find an image that is yours, please contact us with full details and we will discus options and wishes.

Another parent album however, entitled "Mick's Photos, Images & Wallpapers" contain images and photos that I have personally created, therefore the copyright © remains with myself. With these images, I allow all to use them for personal use only. If anyone wishes to use them for commercial purposes, or redistribute them in any form, you will need to contact myself at for usage terms and conditions.

Where possible, I have put a description of each image, this could include names of people, items, etc.